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SAVEWO KF 3DMASK KIDS World-saving super three-dimensional children's protective mask L2 - Large (30 pieces/box, individually packaged) Suitable for ages 7-13.

Parents can now look forward to the debut of 3DMASK KIDS S alongside L2, suitable for more children to wear. This mask features a patented three-dimensional cut and specially made 6mm soft earloops. The earloops are made of soft yarn weaving with fine soft fibers on the surface, providing a super soft cotton towel-like exterior and feel. It offers an extremely comfortable wearing experience, gently caring for children's delicate skin and avoiding ear pain or red marks even when worn for long periods.

The mask is equipped with innovative TypeCool+ filtering technology, effectively filtering 99.9% of bacteria, dust, and viruses, with sustained efficiency for up to 24 hours. It has a breathing resistance level of less than 2.4mmH2O, ensuring smooth breathing. This mask meets the standards of South Korean KF94, EU Type IIR medical mask, and US ASTM Level 3 specifications.

L2 size:
摺疊: 187(W) x 73(H) mm
張開: 140(W) x 95(H) mm
適合人群:7-13 Years Old

特點 :
  • 採用少年適用的立體剪裁,貼合臉型,安全舒適
  • 提供更多呼吸空間,適合長期穿戴
  • 特制6mm柔軟耳帶,防止漏氣,無痛舒適感
  • 創新TypeCool+過濾技術,超強過濾極緻透氣
  • 超低呼吸阻力 Breathing Resistance:< 2.4mmH2O
  • 採用不受濕氣影響的嶄新駐極技術,能持久保持過濾效能,效能可確保超過24小時
  • ESPP順滑親膚內層,呵護肌膚
  • 細菌過濾效率 BFE>99.9%
  • 顆粒過濾效率 PFE>99.9%
  • 病毒過濾效率 VFE>99.9%
  • 防止飛沫及潑濺阻擋達 160mmHg
  • 符合韓國KMOEL -2017-64 KF94 防護呼吸器標準
  • 符合美國ASTM F2100-19 Level3 醫用口罩標準
  • 符合歐盟EN14683:2019 Type IIR 醫用口罩標準
  • 通過醫用材料的生物相容性測試Minimal Essential Media (MEM) Elution Test
  • 通過微生物淨潔測試Microbial Cleanliness (Bioburden) Test
  • 無乳膠,抗過敏
  • 不含212項 SVHC 高關注物料
  • 不含偶氮染料 No Azo Dye in Textile
  • 不含螢光劑,無乳膠,抗過敏
  • ISO14644-1 Class7 無塵廠房生產認證
  • ISO13485:2016 醫療器械品質管理體系認證
  • 產品獲得CE 歐盟認證
  • FDA美國食品藥物管理局註冊醫療器械產品
  • 香港設計,香港生產
  • 獨立個體包裝