Banitor 3D Golden Eru/Rose Gold
(Adult Size)

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Banitore Convenient 3D Nursing Mask (20 pieces)-L'OR ROSE Rose Gold Series-Medium

The masks are made in Hong Kong from manufacturing to packaging, and carefully selected low-sensitive materials to reduce the burden on the skin, and have good air permeability. Even if they are worn for a long time, they feel natural and comfortable, making breathing more smooth.

Product Description
* 20 tablets per box (fully packaged individually)

*A medium size box contains two colors of gold ivory and rose gold, each with 10 pieces

* Made in Hong Kong throughout the process. Made In Hong Kong, quality is safe and reliable.
* The features of this product are dustproof, filter, water repellent, comfortable,
* Strictly selected low-sensitive materials for manufacturing
* The design conforms to the face shape of Hong Kong people, and the bridge of the nose can be adjusted according to the face shape of the individual.
* Good ventilation function, suitable for long-term wearing.
* Does not contain latex.
* Does not contain glass fiber.
* Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool and dry place.

Mask specifications

* BFE & PFE & VFE ≥98%
* Conforms to American Standard ASTM LEVEL 2
* Compliant with AC:2019 Type IIR
* Conforms to the highest level of EU certification EN14683 Type IIR.
* Clean room ISO 14644-1 Class 8

Banitore便利妥 3D護理口罩(20片)-L'OR ROSE瑰玫金系列- 中碼

口罩由製造到包裝程序全部 Made in Hong Kong,加上嚴選低敏感物料製造,減輕肌膚負擔,而且具備良好透氣功能,就算長時間戴住都感覺自然舒適,令呼吸更加暢順。

* 每盒20片(全獨立包裝)


* 全程香港製造 Made In Hong Kong 品質安心可靠。  
* 本產品特色為防塵、過濾、防潑水、舒適,
* 嚴選低敏感物料製造
* 符合香港人臉型之設計,鼻樑線可依照個人臉型做調整。
* 良好的透氣功能,適合長時間配戴。
* 不含乳膠。
* 不含玻璃纖維。
* 避免陽光直接照射存放在陰涼乾燥處。


* BFE & PFE & VFE ≥98%
* 符合美國標準ASTM LEVEL 2
* 符合AC:2019 Type IIR
* 符合歐盟最高級別認證 EN14683 Type IIR。
* 無塵車間 ISO 14644-1 Class 8