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Are you still confused about masks?

Face masks are highly recommended by scientists, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Canada's chief public health officer.

Health experts say the evidence is clear that face masks can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and that the more people wearing face masks, the better.

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Here's the science behind how face masks help prevent and reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Source: Community Medical Centers (2020)

How face masks help to reduce transmission of COVID-19


Which mask is the best? 

According to a new research conducted by the scientists at Duke University, when comparing 14 types of masks, a surgical mask is the second most effective mask, after the N95 mask, when blocking droplets released by the person speaking.

Which face mask is best.

Source: Fischer et al., Science Advances, 2020
Other masks function similarly when breathing in, but can gape when speaking and letting out unfiltered air. It does a bad job when protecting the other from the wearer, and fails one of the most important tasks - to reduce the spread.

Why high quality disposable masks are more effective than cloth masks.