Banitore Dinosaur 3D Medical Mask Toddler
(Toddlers Size)

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3D Nursing Mask (20 pieces)-Dinosaur Series

Size: XS (2-5 years old / Toddler)

Made in Hong Kong
20 pieces/box, individually packaged
A box of fine code/plus fine code contains two patterns (two dinosaur patterns), each with 10 pieces
Three-layer disposable ear-hanging mask produced in a dust-free workshop (ISO 8 level)
Outer layer: high-density non-woven fabric water blocking layer to prevent droplets from entering
Middle layer: polypropylene melt blown filter layer to filter fine dust and bacteria
Inner layer: moisture absorption layer absorbs moisture and liquid
EU EN14683:2019 + AC:2019 Type IIR
ASTM F2100-19 Level 2
Bacteria filtration rate ≥ 98%
Particle filtration rate ≥ 98%
Virus droplets ≥ 98%
Small product size: 16w x 12.2h cm
Thinned product size: 13.5w x 10.5 cm
The full line of Convenience®️3D care masks have passed the irritation and skin sensitization tests
Facilitate the skin-friendly material of the mask to pass the following tests
GB/T 16886.5-2017
Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices Part 5: In Vitro Cytotoxicity Test
GB/T 16886.10-2017
Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices Part 10: Irritation and Skin Sensitization Test

Size: XS ( 2-5 years old / Toddler )

於無塵車間(ISO 8級別)生產的三層一次性掛耳式口罩
內層: 吸濕層 吸收濕氣及液體
歐盟EN14683:2019 + AC:2019 Type IIR
ASTM F2100-19 Level 2
細菌過濾率≥ 98%
微粒子過濾率≥ 98%
病毒飛沫 ≥ 98%
細碼產品大小:16w x 12.2h cm
加細產品大小:13.5w x 10.5 cm
GB/T 16886.5-2017
醫療器械生物學評價 第5部份:體外細胞毒性試驗
GB/T 16886.10-2017
醫療器械生物學評價 第10部份:刺激與皮膚致敏試驗