Oxy Air-3D Mask 200mm x 80mm(±5mm)

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Packing: 30 pcs (Individual packing) per box 

If you feel the 3-D Family Masks is a bit big and loose, you can try another brand, Oxyair. Their face masks are smaller and thinner than Family Masks, and will be more fitted to your face, yet extremely comfortable to wear.

Disposable 3-ply Face Mask.
Using the latest non-woven fabric.
Comfortable, soft, form-fitting and easy to wear on a daily basis.
Manufactured in a highly controlled environment to ensure safety and security.

Standard Adult Size: 17.5 × 9.5cm(±3%)

Kids Size: 14.5 × 9.5cm(±3%)

5 Colors included:

White / Light Green / Light Purple / Blue / Mint 

ASTM F2100-19 Level 3,
EN14683:2019 Type IIR
BFE≥99%, PFE≥99%, VFE≥99%

Made in Hong Kong