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Giving can also be tasty! Enjoy the traditional, artisanal panettone from Antise Vancouver and support St. Paul’s Foundation: Scotiabank Feast of Fortune this festive season! 

Antise’s Panettone is expertly crafted and made fresh to order, with no artificial or chemical preservatives and the first quality ingredients. Handmade with natural yeast originally dating back more than 70 years, it takes 30 hours of proofing process for Antise’s Panettone to develop nuanced flavours and aromas. Enriched with selected grains, premium butter, candied fruit and Madagascar Vanilla. 

Each bite is a distinctive experience, and this soft, fluffy, flavourful, and fresh-tasting panettone will instantly transport you to Christmases in Italy long ago!

Antise Vancouver makes three varieties: 

Panettone Classico:

  • With raisins and imported candied orange and lemon.
  • Shelf Life: 31 days 

Panettone Cioccolato 

  • A variation on the Classic Panettone with an extra chocolate touch.
  • Shelf Life: 31 days 

Panettone Limoncello

  • Infused with creamy limoncello flavour with a touch of white chocolate.
  • Shelf Life: 50 days 

All net proceeds will be donated to St. Paul’s Foundation: Scotiabank Feast of Fortune

Born and raised in Italy, pastry chef and founder of Antise Vancouver, Emiddio Isernia, is fully dedicated to making the Christmas bread of his home country. Chef Isernia learned from Iginio Massari and Achille Zoia in Brescia, who are considered the gurus of panettone.